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What my Manikin really Looks like Underneath?

April 19, 2016

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Manikin Anatomy class regarding the Laerdal Deluxe Difficult Airway manikin. 

Once I modified the skin on the Manikin head to allow for easier access the underlying head, and used a razer blade to remove glue adhesive, I had the head I would learn about.

I was able to modify the airway with the ideas shared by Carmine from Italy, Yen Chow from Canada and James Ducanto from Wisconsin, U.S.A. Placed a pressure bag back of the oropharynx to induce pharyngeal swelling. Later wrap proximal aspect of the manikin airway to induce laryngospasm with another bp cuff. 

Thanks Airwaynaughts and Carmine.




I will leave my Airway Larry head for SALAD/Gastric Diversion exercises.




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