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Monster. My Fuel. Releases My Beast.



My Monster energy drink Promo.

I may not have tattoos.

I don't have piercings. 

I am over 30 years old. Definitely over 40 years old.

I don't ride a skateboard, dirt bike, motorcycle, nor monster truck, or Nascar car.

I just do the thrilling and sometimes boring job of working in the Emergency Room in the reality of ER.

I am an Attending. Not a fake $ss actor on a public television promoting drama over fake medicine. 

I deal with the realz.

Death and life. Sickness and health. 

But I can save lives and make a difference.

I wish Monster the company realized that it makes a difference in my life. 

Especially to keep me up in the mornings for boring meetings, and to get me to perform personal bests in Olympic lifting. 





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