That Look Arya gives to Drogon

March 6, 2019

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Where is my end tidal c02?
Is there color change?
Where is the quantitative etc02 connector?
Who got breath sounds on auscultation?
You know how I know the distal tip of the endotracheal tube is in?
I verified it myself.
I can now show someone else I did to.
Easiest an...

That 14 french catheter, or "spaghetti" suction catheter is long. Longer than the endotracheal tube.
Remember that.
If you can place that catheter as deep as your tube, and you only feel resistance on deep insertion, then the endotracheal tube is not obstructed complet...

The Yankaeur Suction Device despite being an inferior suction device designed for liquid and gas, and the venous ooze from a recent tonsillectomy wound, can be used for something more useful.

Not for food chunks and blood clots.

Not White Castle sliders and Corona beer m...

No matter how much you are warned not to overbag a patient.
No matter who you are.
Regardless if a respiratory therapist or paramedic or nurse or doctor.
Why are you trying to undo what took days to happen.
A sick patient for days wont be cured with few minutes of fran...

Why not prove to the resident and yourself that the intubation is very doable?
why not right after rsi medications kicked in?
or even in the cardiac arrest, unresponsive patient, see what your resident will likey see when they try with the Macintosh or Miller Blade. Yo...

Under Armour inspired Poem/Promotion.
Traits to protect our House.
Protect our Airway.
Courage is persevering despite having fear.
You have prepared yourself.
Time to show it.
Protect this Airway.
I Will.

Gatorade inspired.
Your Rival could be.
Is your...
Can be...
Your Fuel.

Use an emergency medicine doc would use it.
Use the bougie and hub it to the carina. Til holdup.
Almost in is almost out.
Not my problem for those who fear right mainstem intubation.
I can always remedy this by pulling back out to the desired depth of the endotracheal...

Any new product in my simlab, gets FOMO sensatons from the newer product I pulled out of my bag today.
I loved trying it out myself and then teaching my resident to use it as a better Miller blade.
A better Miller Blade to use when comparing it to Video Laryngoscopy pe...

Again look at the video

Roaches fit almost any small crevice

including underneath a door.

The LMA looking supraglottic device can do the same.

I then inflated the Supraglottic device

and bagged the device.

Surprised even the recorder of this video.

Even he doubted Torres. 


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