That Look Arya gives to Drogon

March 6, 2019

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Even without Video Laryngoscopy, I am not teaching my residents to open the mouth of the patient with the suction catheter. There will be more of a delay of diagnosing unexpected contaminants in the oropharynx since I don't have the advantage of the video laryngoscope...

Another view of intubating with the Suction Catheter opening the mouth of the patient. And in the process allow passage and allowing for early suctioning of unexpected oral contaminants during planned First Pass Success oral intubation.


Get on it. Practice. Make i...

How to modify what has been learned with S.A.L.A.D aka Gastric Diversion for known Massive Vomiting or Massive Upper GIB for the patient who needs regular oral intubation. But you don't know if there will be vomiting coming or if there is copious amounts of emesis hidd...

We are taught the "bad" habits of our prior airway teachers.

a. Chin-push or Scissor technique in prying the mouth open.

b. Then place the blade of the video laryngoscope or direct laryngoscope inside the mouth.

c. Aaaah $hit moment. and realize there was a little or more...

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