That Look Arya gives to Drogon

March 6, 2019

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One thing you need to remember that bronchoscopy doesn't always mean you can intubate the patient. If you want to intubate via the Supraglottic Airway device, the red cap off the 3.5 Air-Q needs to be removed to allow and endotracheal tube to pass over the ascope, and...

The Max size listed on the appropriately sized Air-Q #4 should be down sized from 7.5 to 7.0. Always go down by 0.5 size.  Easier to pass the smaller endotracheal tube down the Air-Q. But intubation attempt only done once Pre-Oxygenation has been done for more than 3 t...

The connection adaptor on the Air-Q allows us to bag up the patient with BVM plus peep valve, or a ventilator. But the size of the aperture only allows us to use a fiberoptic scope, or Ambu Ascope to perform bronchoscopy, but not allow for intubation. Remember this les...

Reminder that though the device mentions it's a gastric-blocker it really has a tract attached to the lma like device to allow gastric decompression with a salem sump. If you forget then the patient may erupt and empty out his/her stomach. Aspiration that could have be...

How to place? and When to place this Supraglottic airway device for Rescue oxygenation. Again reiterate that Rescue Oxygenation more important than Rescue Intubation. Can be used in Pharmacology Assisted Laryngeal Mask or part of Rapid Sequence Airway as well. Most oft...

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