That Look Arya gives to Drogon

March 6, 2019

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Bury those cockaroaches as Scarface once said.

I don't hate them lke Al Pacino did.

I appreciate their ability to live and survive.

LMA looking devices are survivors in airways.

existed before your first intubation, successful or failed.

And likely to exist another thousand...

Want to wake someone up in a loving manner even in front of patients' loved ones. 

Did the LARSEN  in front of them. Painful but a lovely manner to wake someone up. 

No more nipple twisting. 

That is a hope.

August 30, 2019

Make your Toughest Airway your Rival?

The one you dread most. 

The scenario you haven't seen yet.

The one you forgot to practice for.

And the one your fear will shake your foundations.

My second version.

As J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans says in the Gatorade commercial.


August 30, 2019

The Promise you make to your patient.

Your patient when he arrives.

Your patient when he is signed out to you.

Your patient when you come and help another team.

Your patient if you see him

and you touched him.

Your patient if you had a chance of saving his life.

Second Rendit...

I will tell you that as a shorter ER doctor with shorter arms, I can intubate with the best of them.

I can hang with the paramedics, respiratory therapists, nurse anesthetists, anesthesiologists and fellow EM doctors out there. 

I will roll out my opinion.

And try the met...

I thought of you as bronchoscopist as Medicine ICU consultants.

You bronch so much.

Why can't you intubate via the intubating lma?

Why not add his to your airway management arsenal?


Pay attention.


Get Better.


I know I am not applying lips to any man or woman unless I know them.

Blood brothers or sisters by birth or rites of passage.

But Bag Valve Mask use will keep your Sats up.

To provide oxygenation when the patient isn't breathing, breathing too slow, or too poorly.

Who bags...

What was the first lube?

In mankind, for medicine.




Definitely no stool. That isn't going into any patient's orifices.

No piss going into his mouth or nose.

But we have gotten civilized. 2019, present date.

Water based lubrication.

Sold and available in most...

I need cues like all of us do.

I had coaches cue me on my weightlifting.

I had attendings rip new ones in me when I wasn't the best at what I do as a resident

I have had cues from my patients when the hr got too low or fast. BP too high or too fast.

O2 sats to remind me wh...

Second Message to the incoming interns of Emergency Medicine Residency at our Program, and

other programs of Emergency Medicine World-Wise.

We don't want to be unpassionate clinicians.

We want to be empathic.

But want to be gangsters of Clinical Medicine.

Not unwise when sp...

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