More Gastric Diversion by Ducanto

Emphasis needs to be done on post intubation, to suction the aspirated material before beginning ventilation and oxygenation with Bag Mask Ventilation or the mechanical Ventilator.

This one has a Meconium Aspirator used by Dr. Scott Weingart in using the endotracheal tube as the suction device and allow a stylet like the Gliderite or a bougie to guide placement of the tube. Only drawback is you are placing an endotracheal tube into the trachea that is contaminated. I know the patient likely already aspirated but I dont think we should add the the volume of contaminant into the airway. Just one opinion. But in dire straits, Save the patient. The patient can get antibiotics and bronchoscopy later while he is alive and not hypoxic.

More suction Wars

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