Gastric Diversion with an Unchanneled King Vision to mimic Glidescope use

Hard to pull the Glidescope blade out of the Resuscitation aka Trauma room. So I did the next best thing. I used the unchanneled blade with my King Vision Video Laryngscopy to show I would do Gastric Diversion with a Glidescope. I would leave the blade already inserted after esophageal intubation as been achieved. Please use the recommended Gliderite stylet or a bougie to expedite the purposeful esophageal intubation. Dont take the blade out. This would add too much time for more aspiration to go on or allow any possible aspiration to happen. Then use the same stylet or bougie to expedite the tracheal intubation. Once that is achieved remove the endotracheal tube from the proximal esophagus.

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