Using Direct Laryngoscopy D.L. to Teach ELM and ECM

You will need to improve what has been taught to most of you during your residencies. Improve on preoxygenation and positioning before intubation. During intubation you more likely succeed with the added maneuvers: Rich Levitan's External Laryngeal Manipulation and with my coined maneuver, ECM aka External Cranial Manipulation. This ECM is a modified version of the George Kovacs' Head Elevation manuever to improve glottic opening exposure. I usually "bless" the forehead with my opened palm. Avoid eye trauma by being careful with my opened hand. Kovacs usually uses his opened palm cupping the occiput of the patient's head. The goal is the same, achieving a better environment to intubate successfully. First Pass Success coined by Levitan. I will use the classical standard direct laryngoscope non-video device aka Cold Steel to teach how I use these maneuvers. Key is to use finesse and use the blade in a correct manuever to achieve success. intubation success is a combination of the tool and intubator. Success is not possible without both. I don't use luck.

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