10 Second Lie. The Importance of Intubation?

Loki. The Trickster, the Lier in us All.

10 second lie. Really!!??. No CPR while intubation. Maybe during the 10 seconds allocated in feeling for a pulse or checking for a shockable rhythm. But we all know own it's the longest 10 seconds any watch or clock has ever recorded. Good forbid intubating a patient with active CPR. Studies were done on paramedics and not not doctors revealed such practices taught in between the lines by acls instructors for years. Even though doctors would have been busted as well. I know it. No mentioning it in the text doesn't mean it wasn't advocated. It was the natural evolution of importance when you make your algorithm: Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Defibrlation in that order for many years. You can practice Bad Blood medicine by mimicking those senior residents and attendings before you in your training. Can so many people be wrong. Yes, voodoo medicine. Finally mentioned in the last 2005 acls updates and again this 2015 guidelines. Stop such voodoo medicine. Change your ways. Stop lying to your colleagues. Use an LMA or King LT if the patient has no pulse. Intubation can be done if you have the skills. But a supraglottic device is an accepted alternative. It has been written. It is in the text.

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