• Jose Torres

How to use the Pentax AWS-200?

This device can be a beast.

Channeled devices follow the same rules.

You must use the Channel and not fight against it.

Less space if needed to get the device into the mouth past the mouth opening and teeth.

The special design of this Pentax is that you mostly always intubate with a Miller view. Get use to it.

The device is hardy, durable from drops and waterproof.

Comes in a customized case that is light and easy to carry.

It is a Video Laryngoscope. It is not the Video Laryngoscope. There are many. Be happy for the one you have, the one you can use, the one you can afford and use to improve patient care.

Watch my video on how I use the device from 2 views on the GoPro camera and then how to dispose of the disposable blade.

No device intubates for you.

You are the master who decides the success of the Device, not the other way around.


Once you become proficient with this device.

You can be feared and admired for your skill with the device.

It takes practice to be good, and practice to be great. Never settle.

Be a beast. A baddass.

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