If you ain't First, You're Last.

Ricky Bobbie is the one who said the statement above. Do you believe it?

Too much pride. Do you really Piss Excellence when Intubating?

I know many need to be very confident. Confident on false pride, false self evaluation or Confident from being well practiced, well rehearsed, prepared for failure plans.

Your pride/ego is the reason you want to do well. You want to feel like you are the best intubator in the house, in anesthesia, or surgery or better than a paramedic or respiratory therapist or even your own emergency medicine department.

You need to be in the moment, the FLOW. But false pride, and thinking about your success more than the patient, is just greed. There is a fine line like a fine edge of a sword that cuts thru paper.

But if you aren't careful. Greed. Selfishness. Your wish that everyone fails after you failed, will only lead to the pain and suffering of the patient.

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