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Again purpose of Cricoid Pressure?

The Cricoid pressure aka Sellick's maneuver is meant for prevention of passive regurgitation.

Ideal idea.

Nice ideal.

But look at the facts if you intend to use Cricoid Pressure correctly, you won't.

If the anesthesiologists can't, you think I will?

Anesthesiologist failed to locate the correct location to compress the cricoid correctly.

Again this is not External Laryngeal Manipulation or Bimanual Laryngoscopy.

There was a title to an article in the Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Pharmacology

Cricoid pressure: An enigma wrapped in a mystery or a hand wrapped around a throat? If I can't disprove a lie, does it become the truth?

I think there is enough to prove it's not the truth. I don't need it.

Read these articles for yourself.


Cricoid pressure displaces the esophagus: an observational study using magnetic resonance imaging.

If the esophagus is not midline and lateral to where you compress for desired Cricoid pressure, what is the purpose then?

The cricoid cartilage and the esophagus are not aligned in close to half of adult patients.

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