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Skinny and Fat Necks Beware. Protect Your Neck.

This airway skill trainer has been modified for closer than not hyperrealism.

Don't be a fool like this guy.

Next time blood with be mimicked.

One setting will be the skinny necked patient who needs intubation.

You can use a 6.0 endotracheal tube, or #4 shiley tracheostomy with a bougie and scalpel.

Dr. Peter Rhee of Arizona fame. Trauma surgeon I truly learn from.

Reality. Look. Pay attention.

I don't use hooks. I use the bougie. Cut to Air. Vertical Cut is key and palpation of the cricothyroid membrane.

You don't need lube if there is plenty of blood at the neck site.

This video on an ED doctor, doesn't have to be a surgeon, to cut the neck and protect the neck.

Pay attention.

The other will be the obese short fat neck.

I will highly suggest scalpel, bougie with 6.0 ett since I won't be having a size 4 or 6 or 8 shiley XLT meaning extra long to make up for the excessive obesity/soft tissue that needs to be passed before the respiratory tract is reached and cannulated. You will be going deep with the 6.0 ett. Right mainstem likely.

I don't care. Color Change and ETCO2 will tell me that TRUTH.

The basics of scalpel bougie ett are below.

Dr Darren Braude of the CAVE of New Mexico let's go of the Bougie. He is confident his bougie tip is at the carina or right mainstem.

Disappearance of the bougie into the chest means badness into the mediastinum or into the esophagus. Very unlikely unless you are in a false passage.

Slash away without intent to cut the jugular veins or carotid arteries. But you won't be able to cut into the esophagus. Look at this video below at 03:42. thanks @JCOzenne on twitter

Any trained professional like ParaJumper, Paramedic, Nurse Practictioner, Doctor of any specialty can do this if motivated and trained. Man up. Woman up and get that airway.

I felt motivated by the infamous rap group Wu Tang Clan.

I will introduce you to the unadulterated song.

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