• Torres inspired by Carmine Della Vella

Rome SaladPark 2017

It was an experience I won't ever regret. I am spreading my Brand over seas now. I love to teach. I appreciated the Honor by my airway brother and friend Carmine Della Vella on this endeavor.

I have learned from Richard Levitan, George Kovacs, Scott Weingart, and James Ducanto. I thank FOAMed.

I just want to evolve their ideas to better patient care.

My legacy will be from what I have taught and touched in the Heart. Not from my stare or grumpy serious disposition. Through FOAMed I have met Carmine Della Vella, a much underappreciated artist and would be a great simulation manikin designer. Laerdal and CAE and Guamard need to pay attention to this great talent. Maybe with 3d printers, forget them. Let's make our own airway manikins.

Enjoy the nice video by the every evolving Italian Emergency group on Facebook. I was humbled by those who appreciated my lectures and points of view.

Thank you

Barbara Stanley

Mario Rugna

Guglielmo Gemelli

Fabrizio Tarchi

Kevin High

for letting me share the experience.

I also appreciated the great food and wine at night. Next time will get to see more of Italy. Plus fly in a helicopter with new airway brethren. Naples, Milan sound like the next destinations.

See the following videos to show what was taught and experienced.

Need to stay healthy for myself, my family, my students, my mentees and The Program.

And Salad Wars 2018.

The Americano will be back if Invited back.

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