• Torres

Practice....Practice...What? Yes. Airway Practice.

Really you need to practice to be better.

Even Critical Care docs.

Even Anesthesiologists before a case.

Before the Intubation. Right after drinking that Monster Drink or cup of coffee.

You find time to hone and sharpen your skills.

I don't treat Airway Practice like the former NBA great, Allen Iverson did.

He was such a talent. Most of aren't that gifted and truly need Practice.

Even I practice.

You don't want me to yell at you like King Leonidas of the Spartans remind you that you truly need Practice.

If I tell you, "You know the Simlab is available."

Or "Need to practice some more and not less,"

or the very rare, "You Sucked today."

It means it wasn't the Airway. That airway wasn't that difficult. Even a blind man like Stevie Wonder found it.

It was You.

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