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More Stares to Educate the Masses.

Staring is caring.

Staring is teaching for some.

Staring is questioning your decision making.

The stare can get the attention of your colleagues very well. If one pays attention you can see happiness or bewilderment and even anger in the slight change of the squint of the teacher/mentor/educator.

Yelling is a release of frustration but can be channeled in ways that the student doesn't need to see like drinking, eating, working out or meditating.

Stay patient even when the 02sat is dropping, it hasn't hit 90% yet, and the patient hasn't aspirated yet.

I ask a question about how you want to resuscitate the patient and what drugs will you want for this airways?

I wait and listen to the verbal response or absence of it. And look at the body language.

Just look on the following and guess to my thoughts. Sometimes you won't figure it out.

I will surprise you with some at the end.

Behind the One way Mirror Window during Simulation sessions.

Me trying to figure you out during our first educational sessions in the SimLab.

The wrong drink served at a bar to me. Sangria or Monster Ultra. Get it.

Is this student really that Dense? Is he/she really that Unwise. I can't believe that response. The student thinks he is getting a participation trophy or something? He isn't getting one from me. He is going to get something else. The Truth.

Some of my students have guessed correctly.

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