• Torres inspired by Dr. Charles Babbs of Purdue

Charles Babbs, More than Just Airway. Interposed Abdominal CPR.

Introducing Dr. Charles Babbs.

Grand Rounds Speaker For us at the Program.

Game Changer if there ever was one. But not forgotten, but more likely unknown.

Listen and Learn.

Interposed Abdominal CPR. Alternating chest compressions with abdominal compressions in tandem for 60 beats per minute.

I have looked up this topic even when all hands and opinions were silent last Resus emcrit conference 2015 when one of the guest lecturers asked and had no additional opinion to add to the topic.

Afterwards, I googled and found the man, and articles he wrote on the subject matter.

I am not crazy. Just use science and medicine to improve patient care either prehospital or inpatient unit or in the ED on the resuscitation stretcher. It can be done harder in one person manner and 2 person manner is much better. It can be done with mechanical lucas or thumper. the zoll autopulse can be adjusted for this as well.

I don't enjoy the Status Quo in medicine.

I want to save more lives and teach more the better ways of saving lives.

Please join me in the adventure.


Those who believe in one thing and wont evolve to newer ideas will remain in the Matrix of life.

There will be those of you who say that the patient will suffer unwanted visceral trauma.

But look at the indications for Chest Compressions.

And the Complications.

The patient without pulse has a pulseless rhythm or dead.

I can transfuse a patient whose pulse returns. I can possible operate or perform surgery to repair the damaged organ. But I cant do either for the dead and who remains dead patient.

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