• Torres inspired by DMX and Carmine Della Vella

Where My Dogs at? CADAVERLAB

Where my dogs at?

Not all persons are DMX fans. Don't care.

You love Airway?

Have your own ideas of Airway Management?

Willing to learn something new?

And not just accept what the textbooks tell you is the truth?

Then you are my dog....Dog..

I am not a cat. Hence no Hello Kitty references.

I hope to see a lot of you there in the FoaMed world at Arezzo, Italy for a Cadaver Lab

collaboration by SaladPark, Gastric Diversion Training

and ATACC, the best trauma course in the world.

I will be leading Airway Maneuvers. Will cut Simulated airways and Live Cadavers.

Please come and Unlearn what you think you have learned. And Learn Better.

Here is the Promo. I get to meet again Carmine Della Vella, Antonio Gulli, Mario Rugna, and Fabrizio Tarchi.

Late dinners with Vino again.

And I get to meet new Brothers in Airway, Intubati.

CADAVER LAB ICLO Teaching & Research 4-5 Arezzo 2017 Airway Management - SALAD - Thorax & Trauma - Vascular Access - Pediatric - Mechanical Ventilation

JOSE TORRES - New York - Emergency Medicine

CARLOS PILASI - London - Trauma Surgeon

PETER LARCOMBE - Brighton - Consultant Anaesthetist - ATACC group UK

MARIO RUGNA - Florence - Emergency Medicine - FlyRescue

DARIO FRANCHI - Varese - Consultant Anaesthetist - Prehospital

ANTONIO GULLI' - Rome - Consultant Anaesthetist - Gemelli Hospital

FABRIZIO TARCHI - Florence - RN - FlyRescue

ENRICO BULLERI - Brescia - TriggerLab

CRISTIAN FUSI - Brescia - TriggerLab

Course Outline soon to come.

Thank you again Carmine for this great opportunity.

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