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$HIT Show: Intubating LTSD

I told the creator of the King LTSD that evolution occurs in airways regardless if you wait for your patents to run out or not.Improvements can occur in the United States of America or elsewhere like in Germany.The same things likely were said about the Combitube. This blunt instrument to defend against hypoxia and airway distress.

Thank you Dr. Frass of Belgium for the Combitube. If it were not for you, the King Laryngeal Tube would not have existed.

The King LTSD was made in Indiana, USA by King Systems.

I loved it for those patients who had already thrown up either from over aggressive bagging with BVM, or in Cardiac or Traumatic Arrest or those who during intubation despite Ramping up in optimal position, overflow in emesis.

But I couldn't intubate without a pediatric Fiberoptic scope and an Aintree Catheter (basically hollowed out Bougie). But progress despite my recommendations if doing this earlier with the King LTSD occurred regardless. The Germans of VBM have done so.

Approved only for use in Europe and not by the FDA of the U.S.A. yet, I welcome you the

Intubating Laryngeal Tube SD that allows suctioning and Disposable.

I am so excited.

Again I want to reiterate.

The Next evolution that I predicted when I started to use the King LTSD then at the time made by King Systems in Indiana, USA. Progress doesn't stop for anyone. Now exists a better Laryngeal Tube that allows Fiberoptic guidance for intubation while still allowing esophageal and stomach decompression, and awesome for Gastric Diversion/SALAD in those rare occasions. But will prove to be a life saver.

The video is Awesome sauce as the first Demo in the States.

The Germans came up with a Universal Syringe to help you out on how much to inflate the device with.

This LT also has markers where teeth should lie for appropriate depth. Hence you will ascertain in the LT

I used whether its to be used as a size 4 or 5 intubating LT device.

Max size was an 8.0 endotracheal tube. Big hint, smaller tubes down to 7.0 fit well on the size large Ambu Ascope disposable scope device. Exchange it out via the Bougie Shin after the tube is confirmed in by seeing that lady called Carina.

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