• Torres inspired by Star Wars Episode 8: The Last

The Last Jedi?

The ending of the year makes one contemplative of the days of successes and regrets and failures that have passed.

Will I leave. Don't worry yet. I am still here.

I teach and love it.

To support and make The Program better.

It stands because enough of us stand to support it on our shoulders.

I aspire to be a Jedi of Resuscitation. I am I the last. No. Regardless of metrics, protocols, and admit. I need to follow my instincts, teachings, and follow what makes most sense. And what is safe for the patient. I am I the Last. Never. There is always another to follow. Sooner than later I do not know. I still reside here. No Kylo Ren, Snoke, Vader or Sith can hang. I will learn more of the force. And teach more aspiring Jedis... Yoda fell into this Job. I love this Job.

Have mentees left me. Divorced me.

Yes. Have they taught me, made me laugh and smile.

Made me proud yes.

I hope not to be the last Jedi in Resus or Airway at my Shop, at the Program.

Everything ends.

But not yet for this aspiring Jedi Master.

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