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Death of An Intubator. Almost Realized.

I, Torres, have been called Snarky, arrogant, prideful, confident in treating sick patients in the rooms allocated to this sickest in the ED. They either walk, crawl, or get driven via EMS to these Resuscitation Rooms.

But when you can't use an Arm or hand to do procedures like intubation, central line access, cpr, push buttons, flip patients over to expose then, then you realize your mortality of your Emergency Medicine Physician, and ER doc can come and go so quickly. My career is over. Part of me would have died. Since my career would have been over. Or so I felt, and believed in the hours I will describe below.

"Everyone wants to go the Heaven,

but no one wants to die."

If I die, I will die happy as an ER doc. Believe that.

But not today. I won't die as an ER doc today I told myself many times 2 days ago.

Lifting weights has taken a toll on my body. I needed surgery on my rotator cuff, and obtained a region interscalene nerve block. I never had one before.

But fear was realized when I awoke from surgery and couldn't move my arm.

Realize my fear in the following videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The Block lasted 16 hrs. I could have lasted 24 hours on my google search.

But as I realized my mortality. I improved. The regional block wore off.

Not yet the death of my career.

Not yet.

As Constantine gave the Finger to death. Death to my career as an ER doc. Not yet.

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