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2 Ways to look at Airway.

Be arrogant and believe you can intubate anyone. Not humble. The airway you disrespect will be out to get you.

Karma Level 9000.


Disrespect the fighter. And the fighter will come back and hurt you royally.

The airway will have your head bouncing of the fighting mat many times as the O2sat drops and the patient needs hypoxia induced PEA ACLS protocols practiced.

Be Fearful and cautious and you will save the patient and protect their airway.

Butterbean can be thought of the likely Difficult Airway. Short neck, obese neck. Likely short apnea time, obstructive sleep apnea. But hey, you had the bougies ready. The video laryngoscopes plugged in or set with charged batteries. The supraglottic airways of your choice available. It's not Christmas remember. Have the equipment close and ready. Do not open the kits to discard then. These devices can and will always be used correctly for the next patient who needs them. These devices become obsolete when discarded into the garbage can.

Despite being Butterbean, he was ready for this fight. Be ready for Butterbean.

Colossus and his vaunted muscles weren't enough.

Many think they have airway muscles and they don't.

Butterbean had just enough skill to win and beat the "difficult" challenger.

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