• Torres. Inspired by George Benedetto, PhD

The Original King of Sim at the Shop I work at.

George Benedetto.

My friend who passed away too soon in my life and in the lives of others he touched so deeply. Late post but a post that I forgot to post on his birthday May 6th. Just this past month. Sorry Angela. He loved resuscitation. He loved Sim. Older brother from another Mother.

He was the First Simulation Director of the Place I work.

Think of the kind words from his wife.

Angela Maineri Rubio Benedetto

May 6 at 1:52pm ·

Not too many people in my lifetime had the ability to walk into a room and demand his presence be know. George was that kind of guy. I knew that early in our relationship when he took me to a trauma conference in Albany. He walked into the room and started talking to a few people and before you knew it he was surrounded by a huge group of people who wanted to hear what he had to say. It always surprised me how he never thought of himself as an influential speaker. Yet no matter where we went or what the situation, he created a passion in others for what he believed in. In one of our MBA classes, our professor stopped him while he was speaking and said to the class. I love it when this guy speaks because he gets me going and so excited about the topic I can’t let it go. Well that was George. No matter what role he was in, teacher, student, paramedic, trauma coordinator, cop, neighbor, PTA president, Dad, and husband. He always but his touch on things. His way, his love for what he believed in, his heart and sole. He made us feel safe, confident, and strong, and most of the time he wasn’t even aware of it. So today, on his birthday, I’m happy to say that his influences have rubbed off on all of us in someway. I see it in my kids who reiterate his lines either jokingly or truthfully and know that this memory will never be forgotten. Happy Birthday Benny with all our hearts.

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