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Dunning-Kruger Effect

Advice for outgoing graduating Senior EM residents. at the Program.


See below to understand.

What wise words can I give you Graduates?

Lets's be a Wise fool like a sophomore.

Wise because you graduated from an elite 3 or 4 year emergency medicine residency program.

Wise because you were a chief resident.

Wise because you did well on the annual inservice exam that is used to predict passing the written part of the Emergency Medicine Boards.

Or you more wise realizing the things you never saw what was described in the books.

More wise to realize what you do not know yet regardless of test exam results.

More wise to realize the most important part of EM is realizing what sick looks like.

More wise to read up and look things up when they don't make sense.

More wise to admit more patients when being conservative, and when you experience that the admission is more of a wasted admission, you will discharge more.

Realize what you don't know and working on that is the WISEST THING YOU CAN REALIZE.


The following Plots show how pathetic or mediocre one is, before learning and trying to be come expert.

Mistakes will be made. Do you realize this?

My job is not to build you up as "I Know ." Instead I know I just graduated to be the novice and just learning new EM Attending, and need to study more than ever. And need to study forever. A bad residency program will produce many Mr. Stupids. Lessen the Valley of Despaire. And Enlighten on what you don't know and what you can know. Model yourself after the teacher, mentor who taught you the most.

Aim to be the expert by proving it with reading and honing your procedures.

Do not self proclaim Wisdom. I show it by saving lives and teaching what I know. And being honest when I don't know.

Presidents of developed countries, Administrators of Hospitals and self proclaimed teachers of emergency medicine have fallen ill of this Effect. Dangerous this is.

More confident they feel about their opinions when they really know the least on a subject matter.

Start the path of Avoiding becoming Mr or Ms. Stupid. Avoid being the most confident Know-Nothing EM attending of them all.

True confidence rises with increase of True Ability.


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