• Torres. Inspired by Life.

The true path of a B.A.F.ER.D./Resuscitationist.

I know that I have practiced what I plan to teach. I need to practice it until I learned it. Breath it. And its instinctive.

I make my mistakes many times before realizing it and then unlearning those mistakes.

Only then I can teach with confidence.

Then I rehearsed what I teach.

I rehearse what I taught.

And listen for feedback.

Sometimes my students are the wise teacher. I may hate it, but appreciate the lesson.

And motivates me to read even more and be the better teacher for the next lesson I am assigned to teach.

I pursue FOAMED via any source on the internet.

I pursue knowledge from those wisest via tweets, blogs or emails.

I don't care.

Many mentors have made me who I am. I in turn will hope to serve you well.

It may be forever before I learn to be who I was destined to be.

And the same likely is true for you.

Perhaps because of my teaching, your journey will be shorter, less painful, with less mistakes, and less lawsuits. Less unexpected losses of life. And less unwanted suffering by the patients. and in the end, less suffering by you.

Eventually you may reach Chuck Norris status. Or not. but at least if you reach for the stars and tried to be BAFERD, you came closer than the other person who never tried.

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