• Torres. To the Class of NYPQ EM 2018 Residency

Be So Good They Can't Ignore You.

Message to the New Grads June 27th 2018.

Work on your craft.

You don't have to be at the top of the class to be a better doctor after graduation.

Maybe you didn't study enough and played hard too much when you had those rare days off.

Never "Be so Bad they can't ignore you."

Never you want the legacy that you are deemed foolish/ignorant/unwise.

Quick to leave a shift with countless abandoned undispositioned patients.

Never be known to be lazy.

Never be known to talk or text more on your smartphone than the patients assigned to you during a shift.

Be that doctor that is respected by the patient.

Be that doctor that can save any other doctor's butt, regardless if wrinkled or baby powdered fresh out of the diaper.

Be that doctor who reads and looks things up when you don't know.

Be a better doctor than when you were a resident.

You know why I tell you this. The above paragraph is Me trying to be a Better Me, a better Doctor.

I wasn't at the top of the class during residency.

But I started to read.

Read more to fill the gaps left open by my training at my great residency.

I didn't see everything at my residency and feared what I hadn't seen yet.

Aim for greatness. Aim to be a better person.

Aim to be Badass.

"Be So Good they can't ignore you."

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