• Torres, Inspired by Good Will Hunting, the movie

My Boy's Wicked Smart.

Torres Inspired by Good Will Hunting. Will Hunting, a Southie, a very smart janitor who uses a library card to be so wise. He likely would have made a bad ass F. ER Doctor, better than Doogie Howser after puberty,or the Good Resident without autism.

You remember when you were in elementary school, then middle and then high school.

You were top gun. Smarty pants.

Then somehow it got more difficult to be the smartest or the guy who just passed the test trying to Rock On in pre-med courses.

You finally get into medical school, and play this role of Pass Fail or Honors. We all want Honors, but later realizes it takes so much work.

To impress when pimped on rounds, on the floors, in the operating room, or in the emergency room.

You read, cram to learn and show off well.

Some how once you got into residency, No One wants to show off that they no the right answer on the powerpoint, or quizzes.

Now we want to be friendly. Ask if you are sad or happy when you study for the assigned questions, weekly testing. Don't procrastinate. Study. Do the work. Lazy student now as a resident of emergency medicine will lead to lazy student of emergency medicine as an EM Attending.

You haven't accomplished anything. You have to still prove you are in the right specialty. You don't want to be the least smartest one. The one that the nurses run from and ask your Attending about all your patients.

No shame in wanting to be the person who says to himself. "I am the smartest most studied doctor in the room."

If not now, when.

Again you want to be that guy/girl.

That guy you want people who hang out with.

You want to be the Attending other Attendings go to for advice.

Be Wicked Smart.

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