• Torres Inspired by Dr. James Ducanto

Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy with Direct Laryngoscopy. Not V.L.

Even without Video Laryngoscopy, I am not teaching my residents to open the mouth of the patient with the suction catheter. There will be more of a delay of diagnosing unexpected contaminants in the oropharynx since I don't have the advantage of the video laryngoscope in showing me what is there.

Because there is no monitor .

This not V.L.

You better have faith in what you are seeing.

Many will doubt this S.A.L. method will only work in Video Laryngoscopy.

V.L. only provides with a monitor for witnesses to see live your success and failures.

With D.L., only you are the witness to First Pass Success.

or the failure of such.

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