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When Your Student is Right. And You Wrong.

Life humbles us. I can't always be right as an Attending even if I wanted to be. Medicine is a strange creature that doesn't follow instructions or ingredients like a cookbook or a heavy textbook.

What you feel as the Resident who was right on the correct test, correct diagnosis, correct consult. and Saved the patient, and Saved your Attending's derriere.

What you want to do? If there was a pitch outside the ambulance bay. If the floors of the ED were clean enough. Perhaps.

Almost as if you want to drop the Laryngoscope blade like the Microphone.

But you know it would be unprofessional.

but you can smile and act it out at home or in the hallway away from the incident.

You know how I know?

I did it before when my Attending was wrong. Not in his or her face, but away from her.

And you, one day as the failed wrong Attending will feel like a failed superstar in soccer.

You will know this one below.

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