• Torres Inspired by Dr. Yen Chow

Making our Own S.A.L.A.D. Vomiting Manikin. Gastric Diversion at The Program.

To challenge residents, fellow Attendings in Emergency Medicine, other Specialties I have created my version of the vomiting manikin as so described by Dr. James Ducanto and fellow AirwayNautic, Dr. Yen Chow. And aspiring Anesthesiologist/Critical Care Attending Carmine Della Vella.

I will show case the images here.

September marks Unexpected Vomit in Airways training at The Program.

We can make it better.

Ideal situation to induce the artificial vomit with one setup convenience.

Suction the vomit into the same container in which I was storing the vomit I was manually compressing out into the manikin's airway.

At least in concept, sounded like a sound idea.

Thank you EM resident Sumir Shah for the assist.


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