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Be the Mentor you were meant to be.

I was not born a great mentor. I have learned by mistakes. Mentees can be awesome before I meet them and become greater after guidance. Mentors don't give you powers. They give the truth you may not want. They are the possible friend for life you will need. You can separate or divorce but don't kill your mentor when things aren't working out. Use the Mentor to be a BAD ASS Mofo as a clinician and friend.

If you can't find such Mentor, find another one.

No limit how many mentors you can have.

Choose wisely. You will learn the good and bad. Sometimes more bad.

And wind up becoming the bad doctor/mentor you didn't want to become.

Mentees choose you. You don't choose your mentors. Not like the kids you make. They try to adopt you. And when they do, they can be "friends to the end" like Chuckie the villainous angry doll of horror fame. If they choose you, represent. Be the best you can be. Or at least try to be since all of us aren't perfect.

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