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Air-Q basics. Essentials of this Supraglottic Airway device.

How to place? and When to place this Supraglottic airway device for Rescue oxygenation. Again reiterate that Rescue Oxygenation more important than Rescue Intubation. Can be used in Pharmacology Assisted Laryngeal Mask or part of Rapid Sequence Airway as well. Most often placed after failed tube.

Similar to the King Laryngeal Tubes we use to use at our Shop.

Both can use a salem sump to assist in esophageal/stomach decompression after placement.

Both use the color scheme that is well taught.

Yellow means those less than 5 feet tall. size #2.5.

Red means those between sizes 5 and 6 feet tall. #3.5.

Purple/Violet top means those above 6 feet tall. #4.5.

I try to remember this, if I dont' forget.

If you place the correctly suited SGA and there is a leak despite inflation of the SGA, go up a size. The air-leak will be noticeable. the amount of air inflated can be just enough to keep the air pilot baloon inflated.

Usually never intubate blindly , but instead with a fiberoptic scope or an equivalent.

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