• Jose Torres

Tattoos Are Beautiful. But....

I admire those works of art laid down on the body.


They will be posters of your politics.

Billboards of






Check out the art by

Instagram professional


Regardless if the body was sculpted into that of sharp lines and curves with no fat and all muscle.

Or round and jiggly, with areas of cellulite.

The greatest of artists can take hours laying lines and colors that would make the greatest of Italian Renaissance Artists or those of Japanese Yakuza inksters so JELLY.

Easier to mark your body up

by paying someone.

Instead of earning respect.

Instead of working at the same location and marking your turf.

Instead of saying the right things.

Instead of staring in the eyes of your team members.

Instead of saving lives.

Instead of making spaces in one's heart.

Instead of imprinting great lessons in one's brain.

Instead of scarring the memory with the greatest of memories.

Instead of being tough in real life.

Instead of dieting to lose the pudge.

Instead of lifting weights to sculpt and add muscles

It's easier to pay someone to mark up the body.

Can you do both?


Better than the FORMER.

Be always the LATER if you had a choice.

I haven't been brave enough to do BOTH.

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