• Torres. Inspired by Naruto anime

Be "the Number one unpredictable Ninja."

Naruto was once described by Kakashi Hatake as Konoha’s “number one loudest, unpredictable, hyperactive knuckle headed ninja.” Naruto is always energetic and a prankster at heart. Although he might not be the most skilled ninja when it comes to any of the jutsu disciplines, his resourcefulness and cleverness has surprised many opponents in combat.

Just see this clip.

God-like villain got distracted by a peculiar ninja display

that shouldn't face her.

But did.

He is a risk taker.

He is willing to take that risk.

He was willing to do so.

And pay the ultimate sacrifice. His life.

His career as a ninja.

In the beginning even his leader and comrades thought of him as an idiot.

from 13:50 to 14:50 of episode 14. Listen to what they think of him.

Or the other video of the same Naruto acting as the Number One Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja.


14:50 to 15:50.

How teamwork is essential? Communication as well is so needed. You heard Naruto?

then things change for the better. But still unpredictable.


If you are bored and want to fall in love with an anime,

just look up Naruto.

In real life, if you are that

black sheep willing to do something real

life saving.

Be that black sheep who is the best read. the most prepared

and willing to take that risk to save a life.

Not a wild card who hasn't read up on it and has not mentally rehearsed this procedure, simulation or scenario. Just trying something for the heck, and fun of it. Dangerous.

Wild cards are usually crazy and done care.

Psychotic like the Joker, or Harley Quinn, the ultimate crazy couple.

Not brave but crazy.

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