• Torres, Inspired by King Kong

We want to be Clinical Monsters of Medicine

Second Message to the incoming interns of Emergency Medicine Residency at our Program, and

other programs of Emergency Medicine World-Wise.

We don't want to be unpassionate clinicians.

We want to be empathic.

But want to be gangsters of Clinical Medicine.

Not unwise when speaking to a consultant on the phone.

Not unwise when foolishly following a protocol and realizing we are practicing bad medicine.

Following a bad clinical rule dictated by a protocol, and realizing someone has another true emergency, is on you to be brave.

No software or screening tool replaced your thinking.

You didn't ask to be a doctor to be a fool who follows clinical rules without thought.

Be respected.


LIke sci-fi monsters of film.

Be gangster in saving a life.

Be respectful of your peers, regardless of the craziness uttered from their phone call or the texts or their documented recommendations.

Just know you are the doctor on top of the chart.

You decide in the end to be successful or the failure.

Aim to read constantly.

Don't settle.

Striver to be the smartest doctor in the room.

At least not the Dumbest.


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