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BVM without O2

I know I am not applying lips to any man or woman unless I know them.

Blood brothers or sisters by birth or rites of passage.

But Bag Valve Mask use will keep your Sats up.

To provide oxygenation when the patient isn't breathing, breathing too slow, or too poorly.

Who bags without oxygen?

if it isn't intended, its okay.

20% oxygen at room temperature at sea level from room air

is better than no air provided in the apneic patient.

Realize that fact.

I realized that when bagging a patient who desat'ed twice during a resuscitation.

And realized why his sats rose first time but didn't stay above 90% after bagging him up and having applied a nasal pharyngeal airway.

Look at this video to realize the unintended comedy

but life lessons too in patient care.


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