• Torres. Inspired by Patient Experience

Where is my Lube?

What was the first lube?

In mankind, for medicine.




Definitely no stool. That isn't going into any patient's orifices.

No piss going into his mouth or nose.

But we have gotten civilized. 2019, present date.

Water based lubrication.

Sold and available in most carts.

The patient needed an NPA and bagging up for the Sats to rise on this sedated head trauma patient while on the Ct scan table. Sats had dropped from 98 to 82%.

No Bueno.

No No Bueno.

Got the NPA in my hand, but no lube?


I couldn't find it in the CT scan suite.


buck, buck, buck.

But patient had a bloody mouth. and plenty of drool.

ER doctors are master Logistic masters.

If no a master, patients suffer.

Nasopharyngeal Airway placed quickly.

and the Bag Valve Mask was applied to the patient's face.

Sats rose. Patient stays alive.

Less hypoxic traumatic injury.

That was close.

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