• Torres. Inspired by New Evolution of D.L. Blades

Adroit's Vie Laryngoscope. Use as a Miller Blade by my PGY 1 resident at The Program.

Any new product in my simlab, gets FOMO sensatons from the newer product I pulled out of my bag today. I loved trying it out myself and then teaching my resident to use it as a better Miller blade. A better Miller Blade to use when comparing it to Video Laryngoscopy perhaps? I see great potential. None believers out there until they try it out. I am excited with just seeing the ease of use on a manikin. Can't wait to try it out on a live patient. He got the hang of it. Easy instruction. Just be humble with the upper lip and upper teeth as always. Never break the rules of laryngoscopy. Smooth, and gentle. Skill wins out. Not inefficient brutane.

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