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Roaches of Airways. L.M.A. device. Part 1

Bury those cockaroaches as Scarface once said.

I don't hate them lke Al Pacino did.

I appreciate their ability to live and survive.

LMA looking devices are survivors in airways.

existed before your first intubation, successful or failed.

And likely to exist another thousand years later,

Like the survivors in life on earth, the roach, the LMA like device still is evolving in shape and surviving to stay in any current up to date intubator's airway arsenal.

This video is to mimic the roach in its ability to fit tight spaces and hope that will be enough to pass the tongue of an angioedema patient who is unresponsive with a pulse and possible rescue intubation via fiberoptic scope down that LMA device.

At least oxygenate and ventilate more comfortably while a more controlled surgical airway can be performed on this same patiant. Same thing can be done for thermal injury and anaphylaxis patients with pending complete upper airway obstruction. Hope the developing edema is more towards the front like the tongue and less int he back in the surrounding tissues at the glottic opening as much.

Just a thought.

Roaches fit almost any small crevice.

See the video to see how the Lma looking supraglottic device can do the same.

I know rats, pigeons which are rats with wings and Roaches will survive any future apocalyptic event. The one device that will survive almost any airway encounter will be the LMA. Or a knock off or evolved version of the original LMA LMA doesn't mean Leave Me Alone.

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