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Use the Yankauer Device to Open the Mouth. Make it Useful.

The Yankaeur Suction Device despite being an inferior suction device designed for liquid and gas, and the venous ooze from a recent tonsillectomy wound, can be used for something more useful.

Not for food chunks and blood clots.

Not White Castle sliders and Corona beer mix.

Can be used to pry the mouth open of a patient who ahs been induced and paralyzed during RSI.

Not many good things to see about the Yankaeuer suction device other than its not a great suction device, but strong enough to help pry open a mouth who has just had rsi drugs given. Pay attention. Plus if there is anything to suction as the lightening of the airway gets lit up by the distal tip of the laryngoscope, you have suction ready. Get it?. Practice makes for better practice. And better intubations

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