Gastric Diversion, another way of thinking of SALAD

September 15, 2015



The idea about Gastric Diversion. New idea doubt it. Just coining a name for it. Issue is do you do this before all patients in the ed who you know have full stomach or more likely full. The whole idea of RSI is the premise of patients have a full stomach. RSI started by Anesthesiologists. Just need to improve on it. 
Most patients dont fast after midnight when you see them and have to protect their airways.  I am discussing a way to prevent the complication of aspiration, just like pre oxygenation is used to prevent hypoxia, and positioning to prevent hypoxia and aspiration. We worry about the full stomach. Patients don't come to the ed with empty stomach. Instead come in with bile, Corona Beers, White Castle sliders, blood, or feculance.  Imagine if we intubated the esophagus first a long time ago, and then intubated the trachea to prevent aspiration. This idea of Salad or Gastric Diversion wouldn't sound like such a weird idea today. Novel and different. Not harmful. Remember that. Unlearn what you have been taught. And learn something new.  


Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy Airway Decontamination as per Dr. James Ducanto, The Nemesis of Emesis, who without him, wouldnt be thinking about this idea of Gastric Diversion. The link below explains this amazing man and his madness. I am inspired. 

Read. then  watch his videos provided by Dr. Rueben Strayer.







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