Gastric Diversion with the Channeled King Vision blade

September 14, 2015




James Duncanto of Wisconsin of Society of Airway Management has come up with a manikin set-up to challenge what airway intubators need to do or deal with when aspiration is about to happen or occurring. Does one become proactive or retroactive? Patient care/safety is key. Suction assisted Laryngoscopy Airway Decontamination. how you achieve thiswill be your own technique that you are most comfortable with. 
I call my maneuver Gastric Diversion. How to teach this? Used the King Vision with channeled blade best used to intubate the esophagus and then the trachea. Best handled by leaving the video laryngoscope in the airway. Less problems of reinserting the video laryngoscope if the device is left in the oropharynx.


Feel like Katniss Everdeen or Arrow of the CW, shooting arrows/endotracheal tubes down the channel, back to back into the esophagus and then the trachea. Smooth is fast. and this is Smooth. 

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