Traditional SALAD and SAACI (suction assisted airway catheter insertion) methods taught to me by Dr. James Ducanto at the 2nd NYC Airway Course run by Rich Levitan.

September 20, 2015





Sometimes the teacher becomes the Student all over again.

First suction and use the Big Stick Suction device that puts our old Yankeur suction stick to shame. The Big stick used to suction the airway contaminant and provide continued suctioning during laryngoscopy. 2nd method was to use the same Big Stick to suction the oropharynx and then the glottic opening, insert it pass the vocal cords and pass a bougie down the lumen. and then exchange it out for an endotracheal tube. Could be an option for massive hematemesis, or massive aspiration. 


Then in turn the student can become the Teacher at the same Airway Course. Thank you Jim.

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