Did It Go Through the Vocal Cords or Not? To be or not to be. Honesty or intended truth but really just a lying gamble. Or undiagnosed Schizophrenic delusions? HELLO........

December 31, 2015





HOLA by a korean young lady  featuring Torres


What Did You see? Did you see the glottic opening?


Adele inspired me with one word to surmise my expressions when the airway person intubating my patient practices unintentionally the silent treatment to me. Ask what they see? What they feel? Ask if success is achievable? But still no answer. I am no longer your backup with an LMA or King LT and bougie..in my hand at the foot of the bed. Look up. If I am not there be very afraid. 
Silence only makes a guy who wears a green t-shirt I AM ALWAYS ANGRY......guess...ANGRY! And you just lost your tube. Step aside before I hip check/bump you to side to take my Airway back. And you will see airway from the other side. Believe that.


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