ATLS airway guidelines My Take part 2. CABCDE.

December 31, 2015



Inspired by a recent Greek physician and Naval officer with an interest in simulation, Thanos.  Airway should not be first in the primary survey in ATLS. Is this sacrilegious? No. We chatted in the simulation lab and cafeteria on many topics, especially trauma and airway. We nees to change to improve medicine for the better. Not for the sake of change but when we can improve patient care. 
Change in thinking was discussed on making circulation first in our traditional Primary Survey. Packing wounds like gaping wounds especialky the groin, axilla or neck. Use of turniquets. Maybe even rocking the pelvis once to consider pelvic binding early. 
Then keeping the patient warm to prevent hypothermia during Environment. Stop shredding and denuding..patients like with Wolverine claws and leaving them clotheless..when the patient has been cleared by trauma and is going home.

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