Again the Pentax in a simTrauma Patient

April 11, 2016

Video Laryngoscopy again. 

Suction is your best friend when dealing with Video Laryngoscopy. There is suction device on the blades used nor any window wipers nor air is available to blow away the debris encountered down the hole called the OROPHARYNX. 

Now there are those that talk of the merits or lack thereof of c collars in suspected or confirmed c spine injured patients. 

But One always wonders why should I remove the c collar during intubation.  Can I intubate with the c-collar on?

In simulation, things can appear easier than they seem. 

Should all be about using the least amount of force/brutane, and using finesse and the constructs of the video laryngoscope to get the tube in.

A different type of force. Not G-Force but more like an "A-force."

Subtle but deliberate and to the point. Simple.

An argument can be made that since the video laryngoscope is just pushing aside soft tissue and not forcibly adjusting the angle of the mouth as much as the traditional Cold Steel called the D.L. one can leave the c-collar on. 

The only problem to that, is the backup to Video Laryngoscopy is D.L. and the back up the D.L. is V.L. Opening the c-collar up for the intubation would be keep you a step a head, and save time while trying to apply in-line stabilization of the neck beforehand, should you need to switch over the the D.L. after a failed V.L. attempt.  You need to plan for failure just in case. 


I need to practice and see if this would or can happen more successfully than not in REAL life.





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