Channeled Devices. Realize they exist.

April 11, 2016


Many believe the only back up Rescue Intubation Device that exists is the Glidescope by Verathon.

I am not shaming a product here. I will just state Facts.

David versus Goliath. A little airway History.

I wonder how the final chapter will turn out.

Remember Imitation is the Greatest form of Flattery in Airway design/product development. You can say the product is nice when approached by a competitor. When the supposed design flaw is modified and almost replicated in their new version of their product. Be proud and also be ready to call your patent lawyer. 


Regardless. Choose the airway device you can afford and practice to achieve the possibly impossible level of Yoda master of the device, and/or provided to you at the institution you work at. Either way, if you practice with the device and rehearse failure plans just in case, the care you provide your patient will be greater than you can ever imagine. 



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