MacGyver an Atomizer....Really

May 30, 2016



less benefit for Intraoral for Posterior Oropharynx.

Midazolam, Ketamine, Fentanyl.

Remember LEAN lidocaine, epinephrine atropine and Naloxone for further crazy uses of your self made Atomizer.

Less invasive than intrabuccal injection of medications. I don't need a needle.


This is the alternative to the LMA MAD (mucosal atomization device) Nasal Device.


Key from Irene Osborne formerly of Mt. Sinai Neurosurgery Anesthesiology and now works at MONTEFIORE of the Bronx, NYC. Use Stevia with Lidocaine to make it tolerable.. But will it work  via this version of an atomizer?


Now I need to practice this.

Practice not til I get it right.

Practice it til I cannot get it Wrong.


Nice Video from Chris Bond.  Thanks for FOAMed.



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