Ventrain + Cricath = The Jet Ventilator that Works (Rescue Ventilation w/o preventing Aspiration Device)

May 30, 2016

No true model exists in Pediatrics to rehearse surgical airways. But need to be ready for what I don't have.

A VBM manujet ventilator or even the newest device for the Can't Intubate Can't Oxygenate scenario in KIDS called the VENTRAIN. Both are transtracheal jet ventilators. I will try to get the one that I can afford and use wisely.


Seeing is Believing. I would still add a cuff to the transtracheal cannula to prevent aspiration as much as a cannula can.

Better than the German made Manujet below.


Dr. Enk trying to use physics to explain  how it really works.

 You will need to use a CRICATH cannula for the VENTRAIN to work the best. Explained in German.

 In English....

 Look at it working on Lungs. No more problems with not being to ventilate wisely.

Likely would be ideal with children when smaller CricCath cannulas are designed.

Cost of device ...I will find out soon.





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